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Why do we need bureaus of translations?

You can ask: “Why do we need bureaus of translations if there are a fair number of sites with “machine translation systems” which one can use even not knowing the language?” Unfortunately, no one has still succeeded in creating a programme which could make a translation at the level of a qualified specialist. It is evident that as long as scientists do not manage to create artificial intellect which would be equal, as far as possible, to human intellect, there will be need of men-translators.

A machine translation system can more or less adequately translate certain categories of texts into other languages. First of all, this relates to the documents where there is strict juridical lexis. Unfortunately, even in this case you cannot avoid mistakes. The translation will be good enough to understand general provisions, but it is almost certain that the translation will not be exact in details. As regards documents of free style, especially literary works, machine translation systems will not be able to help you here in any way. Even though the sense will be kept, the text will be raw, unbeautiful, and even queer.

Using machine means we receive a word-for-word translation; as a result, there appear mistakes, distortion of the sense, even right up to the replacement of the sense with an opposite one.

The specialists of our Bureau do not use machine translation systems and that allows them to avoid many mistakes and to convey the meaning of the original text with the maximum precision.