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Translation for the languages given in bold is performed by a certified translator, therefore, it can be notarised. 

Translation for the rest of the languages is performed by a qualified translator holding a higher education diploma, therefore such translation cannot be notarised and is issued with a translator's signature and our company seal, only.  

Small-volume texts1, $
Overall profile text documents2, $
English 4 5
14 20
7 9
11 14
7 9
4 5
4 5
14 20
14 20
4 6
7 14
6 8
4 5
4 5
5 6
5 5
11 14




1certificates from the place of studies, place of residence, passports, identity cards, police clearance certificates, certificates of birth, marriage, diplomas, certificates of studies, driving licences, etc. (documents issued in RM)

2 military cards, work books, enclosures to diplomas, recommendation letters, application forms, certificates from the bank, contracts, etc.

1 standard page of translation
(1800 characters without spaces according to the Word Count in WORD)

The price can be raised in the following cases:

  • Extra-emergency of the order
  • Extra-difficulty (specific terminology, high requirements to the style, abundance of the scientific terms, etc.)
  • Abundance of formulas, symbolic characters, signs, tables and other suchlike elements in the text
  • Illegible handwriting, etc.

Notary services

You may order a translator's signature to be attested by a notary (in this case the translation is attached by the notary directly to the original document).

You may order both certified copy of your document and to attest a translator's signature (in this case the translation is attached by the notary to the certified copy of your document and attests a translator's signature).

Additional services

Scanning the pictures, schemes 5 MDL/per page
Drawing up the translations done before for repeated notarization 40 MDL/ per document (depending on terms and number of documents)
To save data on your device free of charge
To print translation free of charge

To send translation by e-mail

free of charge


Procedure of payment

In case of urgent translation, you should pay 100 %. 
In case of translation in regular terms, we charge 50 % and the rest 50% you pay when we deliver your translation. 

You can pay in cash or by transfer. 

We may sign a contract for translation services upon a customer’s will.

You can place your order and receive the work done without leaving your office.

What you should do for this:

1. Send your files by e-mail or Viber to be valued.  

2. If you accept the price, we send you a bill to be paid. 

3. Pay this bill, send us a proof of payment, so we could start working. 

4. Receive your translation by e-mail or Viber. 

Why do we take payment in advance?

Let us suppose that a client orders a wardrobe, a company makes it, and if the order is cancelled for one reason or another. This wardrobe may be sooner or later sold to another client. But it is absolutely unreal to find another client, who would be interested in the same text, in the case of making an order on translation services. Who needs the translation of your graduation paper or medical conclusion? The cases of ordering the translation of two similar texts are very rare. That’s why we have to take the payment in advance in order to secure ourselves from paying our translators for the work which we certainly will not be able to sell anybody except the client who ordered it.