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How can I calculate the cost of a translation myself?
To calculate the cost of a translation you have to determine the number of  conditional pages in the original text and then to multiply this value by the corresponding tariff.  A conventional page is 1800 characters of a text excluding spaces. Use the word count of the programme MS Word (the menu “Tools” – “Word Count”). If you are not sure that you have carried out the calculations correctly, please, send the original material to us by e-mail, to traduceri@list.ru. We will calculate the number of characters and send you the answer regarding the prices and terms.

How can I make an order?
If you have the electronic version of the text for translation, please, fill in the order form on the Main Page or send a letter by e-mail, to the address traduceri@list.ru. We will calculate the number of the pages and send you the invoice for payment.  
If you do not have the electronic version, please, come to our office with the material for translation, in this case the price and terms are determined in the place.   

Do you make a test translation?

If the volume of the order is bigger than 100 pages, we can make a free test translation of a conventional page.

Do you render services for the notarial legalization of a translation?

Yes, we do. The languages, which can be legalized by the notary, are marked in the rubric “Prices”.

Why do I need the notarial legalization of the translation?

The content of a document must be translated and the translator’s signature must be confirmed by the notary so as a foreign document can have the legal power in the territory of our country. A translation legalized by the notary is necessary when you have to present foreign documents to the educational institutions, banks, tax authorities, passport and visa service, civil status offices, and other state institutions. Besides that, a translation legalized by the notary is necessary when you have to address to the embassies and consulates of foreign states in order to go abroad to study, travel or work, or when you have to present documents to the educational institutions of a series of countries.

What is the minimal volume of translation which you make?

A minimal order for making a written translation is one conventional page, i.e. the translation of some lines of a text will cost as much as the translation of a page.

What guarantees of quality do you give?

We suggest that our clients should conclude a contract for rendering services where the questions concerning the quality of translation are mentioned.

If you have not found an answer to your question, please, write to us to the following addresses: traduceri@list.ru or ICQ: 399946734.