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About us

The firm has been in the market of translation services since 2004. The specialists of our bureau have passed a qualified screening and make translations at the level which corresponds to all quality standards. We will help you to solve problems concerning translation of materials touching on any area of interests – beginning with translation of private correspondence and ending with voluminous texts. As a rule, the term of delivery of the translation is set by the client himself. Only those cases, when a client sets physically impossible terms, are an exception. Besides professionalism, the main distinguishing feature of the members of our bureau is their responsibility, thus our customers can be always sure that the work will be done with perfect quality and in time. While working upon your materials we aspire to ideal, that’s why it is easy, reliable and profitable to cooperate with us!

The image of your company, the perspectives of promotion of your goods and services outside the country, your reputation often depend on the translation into a foreign language. Addressing the Bureau of Translations “Avitalis Prim”, you can be sure that the translation will be made qualitatively and in due time!

The Bureau of Translations “Avitalis Prim” possesses a strong team of experienced salaried and freelance translators for the majority of the European languages.


Our clients

The customers of our bureau of translations are domestic and foreign enterprises, both private and state companies, such as:

  • E.F.C. «Union Fenosa» J.S.C.
  • L.L.C. «Tirex Petrol»
  • Representation in Moldova  «GlaxoSmithKline»
  • L.L.C. «Dina Cociug»
  • Appeals Chamber 
  • L.L.C. «Sedico»
  • Supermarket Nr.1 
  • Children’s House International 
  • и etc.

E.F.C. «Union Fenosa» J.S.C.

«Tirex Petrol» L.L.C.

Representation in Moldova «GlaxoSmithKline»

L.L.C. «Dina Cociug»

Appeals Chamber

L.L.C. «Sedico»

Supermarket nr.1

Children’s House International